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  • I need Sponsors..

    I need Sponsors..

    We hear that so often. People PM our pages DriftMonkey Clothing and Team DriftMonkey with messages about how bad they want to start drifting, but they need sponsorships first to be able to afford it. Well the industry doesn`t work like that. Its like the “Chicken or egg” theory. Which came […]

  • The MONKEY FR-S Project.

    The MONKEY FR-S Project.

    The first stage of our 2016 MONKEY FR-S project was to get a rollercage in it. A few weeks later and some good work, the rollercage was done. Next up was getting some mods done on the front end. Clean it because we are going to tube much of the […]

  • How to get into drifting.

    How to get into drifting.

    Every week, we get hundreds of PM`s on our FACEBOOK page. And very often they ask us, “how did you guys start?” “I want to start drifting” “How can I be a pro drifter?” etc.. The questions are many, and we shall try to explain how you can do it. First […]

  • More Monkeys Coming.

    More Monkeys Coming.

    We are happy to announce that DriftMonkey Clothing sponsored athlete Petter Eriksen has signed up for another year (2016) as an DM athlete. Petter is an awesome driver and maybe one of the most crazy drifter we have in Norway. 2015 has been great and we look forward to follow […]

  • Getting Ready for 2016 Season.

    Getting Ready for 2016 Season.

    The 2JZ engine is out and and getting checked. Our DriftMonkey Clothing sponsored athelete Joakim Johnsen has sent us these two pics of his amazing Supra. 2015 has been a great year for him, and now he has taken apart the Supra for check. We know he has some great […]

  • Project 2016 is on!

    Project 2016 is on!

      Its off season time for the DriftMonkeys, and that means time for new projects. And we have several new projects for next year, and one of them is this Silvia S14. We will together with StreetStandard, Rocket Bunny and Fifteen52 build our street legal into this awesome S14 BOSS retro version. […]


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